Cambridge Fire & Rescue [HR Business Partner]

The Client

CFRS are responsible for delivering a fire and rescue service to the 700,000 people of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough operating from 28 fire stations across the county.

The Brief

The organisation is focused on cultural change through more efficient and effective ways of working. This led to the creation of a new, strategically aligned HR function centered around modern 'Business Partner' practices.

The Challenges

With an existing HR team in place, time and consideration had to be taken to profile each and every job and a rigorous process had to be adopted to fairly assess capabilities and experience against the new job profiles. Given the requirements for relevant qualifications within the new structure, several external candidates were required to fill the remaining gaps in the structure. Timescales were aggressive as the project needed to be completed within 3 months due to the operational demands on the HR team.

Our Unique Approach

The ONE Group managed the entire project from start to finish. This included:

A targeted advert campaign alongside a search and selection process was conducted to ensure the necessary throughput of candidates were available to fill all the vacancies within the proposed structure.

Creating, booking and arranging a series of Assessment Centres to independently review existing CFRS staff alongside external applications. This included providing a panel of experts to assess technical capability, presentation skills, psychometrics and competencies from interviews.

Outplacement services were provided to internal candidates who were unsuccessful in gaining a position within the new structure to enhance their capability and confidence in gaining a new position.

The Outcome

The proposed structure became real and in place within both budget and timescale. CFRS has started to achieve its objective of driving more strategic agendas through the organisation from a decisive and outcome focussed HR team.

CRFS Feedback

Matthew Warren, Director of Resources "Our objectives were visionary but difficult to achieve in one go particularly within the demanding timescales we set. I am delighted with the outcome, this project was handled effectively and sensitively and CFRS as an organisation has taken a major leap forward in achieving its strategic goals".