Bonnier Publishing

Bonnier Publishing culture aims to provide employees the opportunity to demonstrate their passions and to create with freedom, all with the highest standards of excellence. 

Bonnier Publishing began when Bonnier Books bought children’s mass-market publisher, Autumn Publishing in 1999.

During the course of the next eight years, the business acquired children’s publishers Piccolia; Five Mile; Templar and Weldon Owen. A focus on organic growth followed, with the company broadening its portfolio by starting up YA imprint, Hot Key Books; adult non-fiction publisher Blink Publishing and New-York based children’s publisher Little Bee Books. Further acquisitions followed, with Piccadilly Press, John Blake Publishing, Totally Entwined Group and children’s mass-market publisher Igloo Books Group joining the Bonnier Publishing group.

The ONE Group are proud to work with the Bonnier Publishing careers team - to keep up to date with their latest career opportunities click 'save the company' or contact us for more information.

‘Rachel and Sundeep from The ONE Group somehow manage to fulfil whatever weird and wonderful tasks I have thrown their way! Our working relationship over the last year has blossomed and they have easily become my go-to for any outsourcing I do.’

Beckie Hart, HR Manager, Igloobooks