Dr. Martens

There teams are made up of people from all kinds of backgrounds,with an appreciation for Dr. Martens.

Pre-1960, traditional work boots were not fit for purpose. Dr. Martens changed this. Their air cushioned sole was the result of clear, practical thinking; designed to meet the specific need of providing additional support, comfort and durability. It was an unexpected, yet relevant solution.

With its trademark yellow stitch, grooved sole and heel-loop, Dr. Martens boots and shoes were everything they should be and nothing they shouldn’t be. They became a product icon.Initially worn by postmen, policemen and everyday workers, they where adopted, customised and used as a tribal emblem by successive subcultures, decade after decade.

Dr. Martens are the true nonconformist footwear brand.


Their teams are made up of people from all kinds of backgrounds. But the one thing they all share is an appreciation for Dr. Martens. They want people who are passionate about the brand, love the products and deliver results. Their employees possess certain qualities that make Dr. Martens the historical, global brand that it is today, which include:

  •   Entreprenuerial Spirit 
  •   True passion for the brand
  •   An eagerness to get "stuck in"
  •   Being proud of their roots

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