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The ONE group was born from a single idea, to raise the standard for recruitment in the East of England and Beyond. With a departure from traditional recruitment practices we have spent 15 years exploring new ways to support our candidates.

Our latest partnership offers Executive level and C-suite candidates a unique opportunity to prepare themselves and their organisation to reach new frontiers in leadership, whatever their background, academic qualifications or career path. It is particularly valuable for those experiencing an inflection point, be that personal or organisational. 

The Explorer Mindset programme - designed by highly experienced executive educators, leading thinkers in the field of leadership development and leading in complexity – is a truly immersive Cambridge learning experience – one which will help high-achieving candidates understand their mindset in a leadership context, align their mindset to an Explorer Mindset and support them in finding and being successful in their next role.

The Explorer Mindset

The Explorer Mindset is a unique senior leadership development programme for the 21st Century, created by the Møller Institute Executive Education team, Churchill College, in the University of Cambridge..

Uncharted business territory requires new navigation skills. Successful business leaders and entrepreneurs view the fast-changing landscape with excitement. Where others see disruptive threats and challenges, Explorers see opportunities.

The Explorer Mindset is a full-board residential executive development programme. It provides pre-programme, inter-modular and post-programme coaching support and project work – all structured to fit around management work commitments.

It is formed of two intensive, multi-dimensional modules:

Module 1: 3 – 7 Nov 2019

Module 2: 15 - 19 March 2020

The Explorer Mindset programme  focuses on three key leadership themes: Personal leadership development; Team dynamics and performance, and, Organisational innovation and growth.  It develops personal resilience, ambiguity tolerance, approach orientation, risk tolerance, leading innovation, preparedness and perspective taking.

The world is changing. A new leadership mindset can help candidates navigate these turbulent times, and our expert consultants would be delighted to discuss this programme with you in more detail.


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