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Senior Recruitment Consultant (HR)


£28,000 to £40,000





Date added

5th February 2019

Job Description

Let’s start by saying you’re probably not your average Recruiter; and we mean this in the nicest way possible.

It’s no secret that most people go into Recruitment because they’re blinded by the idea of making money – and a lot of it. Placing people gives Recruiters a buzz like no other and there’s nothing quite like hitting your first £10k - £20k - £30k month. If you’re a real heavy hitter and £30k is a poor month for you, we bow down to your excellence (and you should contact us IMMEDIATELY).

But you’re not your average Recruiter. Yes, you may have been swayed into Recruitment by the (lol) lavish lifestyle, but you stayed for the long-haul because you simply love what you do. The placements are great and are naturally your end goal, but you thrive on meeting people, building relationships and really getting to know your candidates, clients – and their businesses – inside out. You focus more on adding value than adding bums on seats and you really get under the skin of your candidates and clients to find what makes them tick, and what makes them a great (or not-so-great, in some instances) fit. Your colleagues’ calls last 15 minutes and yours last 50. Nailed it, didn’t we? We know. We know because we know that exceptional Human Resources Recruiters are all about the detail and, as an exceptional HR Recruiter, you’re usually the one colleagues call upon when they ‘just can’t crack the HR Manager’, because the HR Manager is probably someone you had brunch with last weekend. It’s all about building and maintaining great business relationships with you; and it’s all about relationships with us, too.

The ONE Group’s Northampton office have had a phenomenal 2019 and we are hoping to expand the team extensively within 2020. With our Human Resources relationships integral to what we do across the rest of the business, we are on the hunt for a Recruiter who has previously worked – or had exposure to – the local HR market, and is looking for the opportunity to dive head first into their next challenge. This role is ideal for a Recruiter who is as commercially-minded as they are conscientious; and The ONE Group is ideal for a Recruiter who is able to work autonomously, yet is always open to further training, personal development and new ways of doing things. We’re hoping to find the best of the best when it comes to maintaining strong business connections, whether that be through networking, events or other value-adding activities.

In exchange for your unrivalled attention to detail and passion for meaningful business relationships, we can give you:

• A competitive basic salary and commission structure

• Substantial progression opportunities

• European travel incentives

• Company Performance Incentives - anyone for a FREE weekend in the sun?

• Extra day off on your birthday, just because(!)

• Flexible working

• An office based in Northampton (but we’d also consider someone who’d like to work in Peterborough, too!)

• …and loads of other important (but usually seen as quite boring) benefits

If you think you have the drive, passion and sense of humour required to have a long and successful career in recruitment, please click ‘apply now’ or send your CV to and one of our Talent Team will be in touch!