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How to stay positive during a job search

Posted 17th May 2019 by Holly Olugosi

Here at The ONE Group, our consultants devote their time - not just to getting you interviews and finding you a job - but to coaching you through to entire process and offering you support and guidance every step of the way. If you’re currently looking for a new role, are coming to the end of a previous role or just want to be fully prepared for your next big job hunt, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for staying positive during the search.


What are the recruitment challenges of a traditional tech start-up?

Posted 1st May 2019 by Ben Ventham

Finding the right talent isn’t just important to service a particular discipline, for a start-up, finding the right person and in the right time, can make or break your business.


Easter with The ONE Group

Posted 30th April 2019 by Hollie Church

The ONE Group were on a mission to help tackle poverty and homelessness this Easter to help support the Northampton Hope Centre.


April Fools; the good, the ‘It should be real’ and the downright ugly

Posted 1st April 2019 by Ailsa Munton

I’m not sure there is any other day in the year when individuals and brands can tell audacious lies to their millions of followers and get away with it. Or do they?


Is this the worlds toughest job?

Posted 21st March 2019 by Simran Nanuwa

This Mothers Day - we sat down to talk to all our in-house working Mums about how they feel about balancing both 'jobs'.