Maintaining a Positive Morale Working From Home

Research inherently highlights how happy employees are more productive and loyal

For those of us that are introverted – having the ability to work from home can seem like a dream, but for the many extroverts amongst us, working from home might not be as thrilling. 

Research inherently highlights how happy employees are more productive and loyal, therefore - just because the workforce has switched indefinitely to remote – doesn’t mean you should no longer be looking for ways to help keep your employees, colleagues and wider team positive during these tough times.

Maintaining a Positive Morale Working From Home

Here are a few ways of upkeeping a positive morale working from home


Embrace video and phone conferences

Communication is key – organise group calls and weekly catch-ups to see where your team is at. It’s easy for information to get miscommunicated via email e.g. mistaking tone. Therefore, regular phone and video conversations can ensure everyone is on the same page and motivated to achieve their goals, reducing the stress and anxiety that can come with uncertainty.


Talk to a mentor

If you are not part of a wider team talking to a mentor e.g. colleague, manager, or industry expert is a simple way of remaining connected and integrated with your industry. It’s easy to feel isolated - but keeping in contact through video and phone calls with others going through the exact same thing is crucial to remain motivated and positive.


Set goals

Just because you are not sat at your office desk anymore, doesn’t mean the goals you set at the start of the year have gone out the window. Set daily targets to achieve your overall goal. Your little wins can help keep you motivated and focused on the bigger picture.


Take steps to have a break

Working and relaxing in the same space may take a toll on productivity. In ‘normal’ circumstances, without a critical need to stay at home – going to the gym, meeting friends for lunch are just some of the many ways we could have a break. Try to make the best of it, take regular breaks to listen to a podcast, read a book, binge-watch your favorite series or doing an at-home workout. By taking timeout you’re more likely to be productive and achieve the goals you have set out.


Be empathetic

Now with many parents needing to manage childcare, and in a lot of cases, parents home-schooling their children, if you're leading or overseeing a team - look at ways you can adjust and relax policies – one way this can be done is through giving individuals increased autonomy to get their work done through agile working practices. This is new territory for the majority of us, so mutual understanding is crucial.


If you or your team would like more advice on maintaining positive morale whilst working from home get in touch with us today. 

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